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Last Minute Weeks.

More than 1,500 weeks every week

Eccentry Holidays last minute weeks are those near the check-in day (normally between 7 to 60 days) at highly discounted end consumer rates.

Although Eccentry Holidays affiliate resort weeks are priced at exclusive wholesale member's rates, Eccentry Holidays last minute offers are reduced even more!

Some of our users have been known to confirm last minute weeks for as little as $124 USD (for a 7 nights-stay).

+ Considering that Eccentry Holidays last Minute Weeks is only one of the benefits, your affiliation has tremendous value. Remember that as a user of Eccentry Holidays you enjoy savings and value from many services such as airline reservations, hotel program, car rentals etc.

Member Weeks

How does the Rent By Owner program works?

Is a very simple process, an owner of a week can post it for potential travelers to see and rent, once the week has been rented, there are no hassles involved, only a small processing and service fee. The Rent By Owner program has been designed to do the following:

Facilitate the promotion and advertising of timeshare weeks for the owners and provide the potential renter with an easy to use search and reservation online request.

Follow up on the rental transaction all the way through. Verify validity of the final confirmation for the renter and collect the rental payment for the owner.

Collect and hold for the owner payment from the renter, and collect and hold for the renter the final confirmation from the owner, these to be delivered to each once both the renter and owner have fulfilled their obligations. In a nut shell we hold on to the payment and confirmation until both parties are satisfied with the transaction protecting both the renter, and the owner, at all times.

The "Rent By Owner Program" offers you the third option for your choosing, and the possibility of earning back your Maintenance Fee plus a profit percentage when listing all and any of your unused weeks.